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"Oh, my darling, you . And so it happens that their past is to learn traditional Chinese medicine, although not say how deep attainments, but all day to follow the old man kind of medicine herbs, has been recognized for thousands of Chinese herbal medicine, not to mention, she specializes in the health of this one, but in this era, it appears to be no female doctors so that if their own to gather herbs and sell them when the monster will not be viewed." Shan smiled, and he took a shovel into the kitchen ." Said, he is bunk and closed his eyes. an author fleeing for their lives. "Ziying, they began to eat yet?" Send porridge is Ziying, seeing that she looked sheepishly hands basil bowl, eyes kept turning, rolling throat, as if to swallow, Xu basil think they certainly have not eaten, they He asked the case. Wholesale Jerseys vip,Wholesale NFL Jerseys vip,Cheap NFL Jerseys vip,Wholesale Jerseys vip free shipping

" This is the first-born Liu and Xu Xu basil what kind of person naturally clear, but never thought to eat this food basket, is opening said softly." With an insolent laughter came, Xu basil realized I was now not only lying on the floor, and his mouth a mouth full of mud, black pig and bird at the moment is looked up, looked at her triumphantly." Xu Qiang Yu saw this partiality few people, Liu will not be happy, and immediately threw chopsticks against Xu strong voice said, then he glanced in turn four Yu, a brutal blind eye to dinner to threaten. Yes, though it is a black body, but this place is unusually white belly, but also tender, the meat must be very good to eat." Xu basil scared out of his chin fast, her chest now even though Wang Zi bread can not be considered, but this man has changed too, state it, it will be the first time to see her to her clothes torn, and also take pocket bread insult her aunt really can endure, t can not tolerate, waving his fist toward the man is immediately hit to his face, shouted and cursed: "Your grandmother, even Wang Zi small steamed bread also fail to get you to evaluate, light long a husk, Pa layer of skin you even this girl a finger can not match.

More convinced that wrong, to eat bread, that is hurried off to go home, but she did not hurry to go home, but in the mountains to Wowo wandering up and the first idea is to find some drama toxic herbs preemptive point poison out, or, did she meet someday God blind groping how to do that? What is good to get some drugs, Nux vomica, aconite? No, this thing as long as it will be dead. Street fairs along all the way around, did not eat breakfast, plus they go such a long way, has already protested the stomach, but they do not have a sub-children, she is also a bread not afford to eat, and finally, only stiff scalp can find the shop closed veil. He stood in the doorway watching all this effort to get Xu basil applauded. "you."Obviously, that is too small basil Xu thought he dare to be bold, but also curse so terrible, suddenly, the whole people are shocked, and then react, soon discerned a shade of color face, until the black pig manure Dengzhe short leg ran up to him with a snout pulled his robe, just groaned from the nose, tossed sleeves leave.